The Abandoned Sound. Matt Lavelle.

I was down in Battery Park in NYC several months ago around 2am watching the rhythm of the night river under a sliver crescent moon. All the way at the end of the walking path where you can see the statue of Liberty in the distance, they have Blue Lights around a garden area that may have its inspiration in the architecture of Japan, in a spiritual sense.

I thought I was alone until I heard a heavy sigh behind me and looked to see a woman wearing a cloak with a hood covering her.Her body Language suggested despair and defeat. I could not see her face but could feel the weight of her Melancholy emotion. I felt an uncontrollable desire to speak to her and offer my assistance.

Me: “Excuse me,..are you all right? Is there anything I can do?”

Woman: “There is nothing anyone can do now..”

Me: “Why?,.what has happened?”

Woman: “They have left me.I have been abandoned”..

Me: “By who? Where are you from?”

Woman: “I am from the TONE WORLD”.


Me: “The tone world!?!,..What is your name if I may ask? I would like to Help!.”

With that the woman lifted her weary head and looked over to me making eye contact,.
however,..she had no face!,.I could FEEL and HEAR her,.I knew we were looking into
each others SOUL.

Woman: (softly) “My name is Alto,…Alto Clarinet…..”


Me: (with a great deal of concern),..Alto?, name is Matt,.and I’m a musician.
Why would you say that? What has happened to you?

Alto: There have been only a few attempts to bring me Life,.and there is only one person in
this vibration who helps me sing my song.I have a VITAL color,.and a VITAL message that I can bring,. but no one has been able to hear me.The Tone world sent me here many years ago,. but with not enough people to give me life,.I am unable to truly exist,.and thus I am losing my life force at a slow,..painful rate.

“I am,..the abandoned Sound”..


Me: “Not just yet”

Alto: (looking up at me cautiously,.with the feeling of Hope),.. ? “How so,.can You help me?”

Me: “Oh,..I can do a whole lot more than that…Come With Me! .I promise I will do everything in my power to help you complete your mission,,..OUR mission now.”

Alto: “Who are you,.. REALLY?”

Me: “I play trumpet and Bass Clarinet.I know the only person who can really play you now.Being that it’s 2am,.your being here makes perfect sense.2am is the time of night that IS you.If it were 4am,.I would expect to find bass clarinet here.I have a direct contact with your people in the tone world and those responsible for the evolution of your integrity here,..and our meeting here can be no accident.I am a spiritual representative of the Blackwood.You can trust me,.I promise!.Your being Lost should never have happened.”

Alto: (with sadness),.”But are the people ready for me now?”

Me: “Its now or never,.come on,.We Got This.”..

With that,.. Alto gently placed her hand in mine and gingerly stood up from the bench.

Alto: “Where shall we go?”

me: (smiling,..leaving no doubt that she can trust me),..

“Come!,..with your help I can complete my quest as well.”

“Our future awaits”…



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