Peace On Earth

Sometime during the day on September 3rd last week it came to me that I had to play John Coltrane’s prayer called Peace On Earth at an anti-police brutality event in Brooklyn conceived by my friend Matana Roberts. I have a book of John Coltrane’s music and proceeded to learn the music in every key […]

Giuseppi Logan’s Final Chorus

I went down to the basement to find a case for an old King Zephyr Tenor sax today. Coming back upstairs Brother Diaz shouted at me saying “Hey man, your friend is here!” I rounded the bend and there he was. Brother G was embroiled in a new piano creation. He was playing those wide […]

Living Stories

Being at the counter at Sam Ash selling reeds is not much different than being a bartender for musicians. I cross paths with musicians from every scene. They often don’t know what my allegiances are and I don’t know theirs. I can usually find common ground for us to stand on. It gets deeper with […]

Trumpet Prophecy

Maybe Roy Campbell set it up somehow from up on Trumpet Mountain. There I was drowning in the hustle and grind when none other than Hugh Masekela walked in with a small entourage. That’s what we trumpet players need more of, give me an entourage. Having recently heard Hugh and then written about him, I […]

Blues for Fritz

The human race is a massive story composed of millions of stories. Digital storytelling has really changed how we are all collaborating on what really is the most important story of all time – us. Just where are we going with all of this? I went back to school recently in order to pursue a […]

Transfiguration Blues

The truck that collects every last piece of recycling trash all over Kingston New York is backing up to drop off another load. That incessant backup warning beep is assaulting my aural reality. Oh no. Not again. The whole flatbed of the truck then lifts up by design allowing an avalanche of Coke bottles, Clorox […]

The Devil is in the details

Louis Armstrong switches from Cornet to Trumpet. Big bands had started using trumpets back then but when Louis switched that was the signal. Cornet, you’re done. Miles Davis pulls the stem out of his harmon mute and casts it aside as irrelevant. You may catch Ray Nance leaving it in every now and then but […]