RIBAS. The Odyssey of Sabir Mateen

  The first time I ever heard Sabir Mateen was on the lower east side at a music store playing with the renowned TEST in the late 90’s. It was the first time I ever met or heard Sabir, Daniel Carter, Matthew Heyner, and Tom Bruno. Still fairly new to Free Jazz at the time, […]

Hold the Center

I must beg the indulgence of my peeps out here in cyberspace that sometimes stop by here at Fat E-flat. I have forced you to endure writing that may only be vaguely connected to the intrepid community in which I reside. I have placed myself on special assignment. (Members of William Parker’s Little Huey Orchestra […]

Knee Braces

Taking my shoes off as a sign of respect. I never had a problem with that. This wasn’t a scene from Scared Straight, where the convicts were telling you to throw your shoes in the trash. This wasn’t that airport in Italy where they made me take off my hat. There was a dim light […]

How to tune the World. The Novel.

War. Starvation. Greed. Apathy. Torture. Arrogance. State sanctioned racism and murder. Rampant consumerism. Religious fanaticism. The human race continues its protracted state of adolescence in the longest tantrum of all time. The Natural Forces have had enough. Hurricane, Tidal Wave, Volcano, Tornado, and Earthquake have decided our time has run out. The Earth is to […]

Peas and Lub. The Great Will Connell.

“The human race is in a protracted state of adolescence.” -William Connell The first time I met Will, or Brother Starcharts as I called him online, was in the basement of the Westbeth houses. We were both headed to the same rehearsal, but I can’t remember what the event was. Before I knew his name, […]

I Was A Telephone Psychic

“Are you going to be pregnant in a few months? Is your man cheating on you? Maybe it’s time to return that ring! Need the answers today? Don’t worry, Miss Cleo is here for you. Call today, and at only $2.99 a minute, I’ll answer all of your questions and more!” Surely you remember Miss […]

Joe Sarubo

There was my name coming out of the speakers all over the store again. Everyone in the store could hear it. It wasn’t about how I’m a great looking person that you needed to know about. The voice would reveal the latest task that I needed to perform. Aisles one through twelve, the backroom, and […]

Jazz meets Death

There once was a great music. It was born in America and branded with the name Jazz. The music was later re-named madam Zzaj, by one of her lovers, the Duke. She grudgingly accepted the moniker of Jazz over the years. It was how she was bought and sold after all. Jazz had several intimate […]

Jury Duty

The first time I was in Jury duty in Queens New York, somebody had told me that if you donate Blood, they might let you leave. At the very least, they might put you to the front of all the thwarting lines. I don’t know why I believed that, but  when asked to give, my […]

Excavation of the Divine

Strutting tall and strutting proudThe needles pierce and twistDivine dance of the water chordsSnapping and creaking bones The needles pierce and twist Yogic edges grasp and grind Snapping and creaking bones Devour the light Yogic edges grasp and grind The unhinged knee. Devour the light The walk of drowning The unhinged knee Shedding the grip […]