Clifford Brown and the great Tree. Matt Lavelle.

Hearing the opening of the Clifford Brown birthday broadcast on WKCR at midnight this past Saturday,a 30 hour marathon,got me to reflect again on what I call the trumpet brotherhood,.and Clifford Brown’s towering place inside of it.In 2010 it’s hard to find members of the brotherhood,.but we still exist.Of course We all start with Louis […]

My Conversation with WIND. Matt Lavelle.

Sometimes my worlds come together.Even NYC feels the change of the seasons at times.We actually had tornadoes touch down in Queens and Brooklyn recently,ripping up and throwing trees around,.causing electrical mayhem.The last few days I’ve been in wind gusts blowing new yorkers right into traffic.(Stand next to a mailbox if it gets really bad).I live […]

Growing Pains,.by Matt Lavelle.

Everyone that plays,listens,and is a part of Jazz,.has their own version of what the music is,what is important to them in the music,and especially,.the music they like and don’t like.That’s true across the board in all music,and life,.but in Jazz I feel we are ever more particular.I don’t think there are even 2 people that would both agree […]

Welcome to 21st Century Jazz. Matt Lavelle.

One thing it’s taken me 20 years to learn is that the Trumpet is a FEELING.To really unlock it’s secrets you have to feel the sound that comes through it.My relationship with the horn is that sometimes there’s feelings I MUST confront.I walked into a club the other day with a burning in my chest […]