How to tune the World. The Novel.

War. Starvation. Greed. Apathy. Torture. Arrogance. State sanctioned racism and murder. Rampant consumerism. Religious fanaticism. The human race continues its protracted state of adolescence in the longest tantrum of all time.

The Natural Forces have had enough. Hurricane, Tidal Wave, Volcano, Tornado, and Earthquake have decided our time has run out. The Earth is to be cleansed. They intend to act soon, in unity, to assure our complete removal.

We have one last hope. Terra, the last great humanitarian, will try to get us one last chance at redemption. Sent by Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, and Mother Teresa, Terra will be tasked to meet with the natural forces to plead our case. The Sun will sit in final judgement.

After the Natural Forces teach Terra how to tune the world, she will reach out to the human race to attempt to create a final ceremony that unites us all. But is she too late?

Will Terra be able to save the Human Race from complete destruction?

Will Terra be able to tune the world?

Find out in 2015. Or 2016.

Find out by 2020. In a theater near you. Virtual reality perhaps.