Every Note Counts



A few hours ago here in Astoria Queens, some cops were handing out flyers to people getting off the subway. A white guy with tattoos on his fingers got in my way as I walked in front of the cops, and asked me for a swipe right in front of them.

“If you want a swipe, why don’t you ask these cops for one,” was my mild suggestion.

Not only did he do just that, but the cops let him through the turnstile with no issue. White privilege in full effect.

One area of NYC that I see some twisted equality going on is 34th Street from 6th Ave to 8th Ave, where I walk five days a week to work. I have never, in 25 years, seen so many homeless people. They have formed survival communities in these areas. It’s young, old, black and white. Almost everyone has that cardboard sign explaining how they arrived at that place you end up when you have no place else to go. 34th street is all about spending cash, and the homeless people are not the props that tourists expect to see. What the tourists don’t know is that NYC sold it’s creative soul some time ago. Doomberg and Ghouliani facilitated the endgame. (That’s what Roy Campbell called those demons). Don’t step out of line on 34th street, the cops with M-16 machine guns are ready to go on a dime.

Skyscrapers are going up everywhere in you look in the playground for the rich. As Daniel Carter stated, not one, more building should go up while is there is one homeless person. As for the shelters in NYC, they are a very dangerous place. Just ask Giuseppi Logan who had his horns stolen while he tried to sleep there a few years back. Bernie told us that the divide between the rich and poor was growing, but I’m not worried. Either Trump will make us great again, or Hillary will quickly move to spread some of that Wall Street wealth around. I know they got the homeless folks on 34th street covered.

Or not.

After Michelle Obama’s recent speech, I think I have the election figured out. It’s a pretty wide perspective. Still with me?

Worldwide, the balance between male and female is way off. Hillary would be the first female president of the United States. Chump considers women to be props in his fantasy version of reality, where they are not worthy of basic respect. Therefore, A Hillary defeat of Chump moves the balance of male and female in the world a little closer together. When Obama was elected, the world was changed forever, and I see this election as the same kind of thing. To be down with my take on this you have to step outside the ring of all the political drama and see the election as an issue pertaining to the human race above all.

Imagine if all the energy given to Chump could be used to get those homeless people on 34th street a room to sleep where they wouldn’t have to worry about being attacked.

As ever, it falls on the artists to fight back against the desensitizing of the world.

Forgive me, if I play too many notes these days.

Every note counts you see.

Every last one.





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