Knee Braces

Taking my shoes off as a sign of respect. I never had a problem with that. This wasn’t a scene from Scared Straight, where the convicts were telling you to throw your shoes in the trash. This wasn’t that airport in Italy where they made me take off my hat. There was a dim light […]

How to tune the World. The Novel.

War. Starvation. Greed. Apathy. Torture. Arrogance. State sanctioned racism and murder. Rampant consumerism. Religious fanaticism. The human race continues its protracted state of adolescence in the longest tantrum of all time. The Natural Forces have had enough. Hurricane, Tidal Wave, Volcano, Tornado, and Earthquake have decided our time has run out. The Earth is to […]

Jazz meets Death

There once was a great music. It was born in America and branded with the name Jazz. The music was later re-named madam Zzaj, by one of her lovers, the Duke. She grudgingly accepted the moniker of Jazz over the years. It was how she was bought and sold after all. Jazz had several intimate […]

Blues for Fritz

The human race is a massive story composed of millions of stories. Digital storytelling has really changed how we are all collaborating on what really is the most important story of all time – us. Just where are we going with all of this? I went back to school recently in order to pursue a […]

Truth Peace Dance

  The Senate blocks the Gun control Bill Albert Ayler   Truth Is Marching In *     *     *     *     * Boston Marathon bomb kills and maims John Coltrane   Peace on Earth *     *     *     *     * Beached Whale dies.Channel 7 newsman complains about “the Stink” Duke Ellington   […]

the River of Light

When you write music you may hope to paint a musical picture for the listener.I Love to hear music that gives me a vision,especially one I have never seen before.Free Jazz and improvised music,especially experienced live,.often gives me pictures in my mind that don’t exist in nature.A living dream.The more aggressive the music is,the more […]