End Times

The following are the liner notes to 12 Houses second album on Unseen rain records, about to be released. Stay tuned for the links.   One of the signatures of the 12 Houses is that with the exception of the singularly unique voices of guitar players Jack DeSalvo and Anders Nilsson, very rarely is an […]

Natural Music

The other day at my trumpet bar in midtown NYC I was playing Miles live at the Plugged Nickel when another musician stopped by, and informed me that Miles was done after Someday My Prince Will Come. After a moment of shock and disbelief, I wanted to hear why, but all he would say was […]

Take Back the World

  Back in 1957 Governor of Arkansas Orval E. Faubus sent the national guard to prevent integration of Little Rock High School. Everybody involved in jazz knows that Charles Mingus responded with his classic Fables of Faubus, where he turns Faubus into the focus of ridicule for his twisted and racist act. Columbia Records refused […]


  These are strange days for people who see life entirely through the lens of jazz and improvisation. Many musicians like myself might feel like we were born at the wrong time. While a select group of musicians has been able to create lives where they can focus all their energy on their music, another […]

Happy Reunion

12/2/2015 108,348 views 2,455 shares As Duke, himself might say, “Praise God and Dance!” Please watch and listen here, if you haven’t already 7/21/72 Happy Reunion Two years before they left this world, Duke Ellington and Paul Gonsalves were at the University of Wisconsin. At some point before the music above was performed, Paul had […]

King Tazz

Greetings my friends. Sometimes when you make a discovery, you just have to write out. I’m going to write this one out before my head explodes. Incredibly, today I listened to 2 Trumpets being played from the tomb of King Tutankhamen from Ancient Egypt. They are 3,000 years old. One silver, and one Copper. The […]

The 12 Houses and Pursuance

  Grant me absolution readers of No Sound Left Behind. I have been literally out of time to write. I spent all day writing for school today, leaving me a small window here to write in No Sound Left Behind. I’m in the final semester of getting a degree at 45 years old. I’m embroiled […]