The Soul Police

    For a number of years I lived in Jackson Heights Queens, the most diverse place on Earth. We didn’t just have Little India. We had Little Columbia, Little Panama, Little Pakistan, Little Ecuador, and Little just about everyone. I’ll never forget this one street that had a Muslim temple that had an affiliation […]

Love Underground

Love takes many forms in the human experience. Just because you’re homeless and live underground doesn’t mean you’re exempt from yet another battlefield in your life. Sometimes down below you can find another kindred soul and may attempt an alliance. Perhaps you can cop drugs together. Perhaps one of you can hustle change and guard […]


The minute you descend into the subterranean caverns in New York cities underground you enter another realm where we all become the same person for a minute. Somebody that needs to be somewhere else. You might be rich, you might be poor. You may have just been hired or fired. Maybe you recently got married […]

My Book is here! New York City Subway Drama and Beyond

Well,I did it.. Brother Daniel Carter suggested I start writing around the year 2000.Brother Chris Rich asked me to go public in 2005.In 2009 I decided to just go for it and channel my writing into a BOOK. Myspace was actually very important as an early public laboratory,and what inspired me was seeing that people […]