NYC Rats are like no other creature in the world. I don’t know why there has been no documentary on them. Call them what you will, these guys have a gritty and tenacious soul. They’re streetwise on an a very high level. Almost everybody in the city has crossed paths with them in an intimate […]


  “PAY YOUR FARE!”   Yelling “Pay Your Fare!” through a garbled speaker is usually all the token booth clerk can summon when they see you sneak through the subway turnstiles to catch a train. Sometimes they call the police though. You don’t want that. Nobody needs that. The MTA is horrible at all forms […]

Jury Duty

The first time I was in Jury duty in Queens New York, somebody had told me that if you donate Blood, they might let you leave. At the very least, they might put you to the front of all the thwarting lines. I don’t know why I believed that, but  when asked to give, my […]

The legend of the Chupacabras

Completing my diatribe on the perils of transporting yourself around the NYC area I will present my greatest triumph in escaping vulnerability in a very unique way. This last one goes down in Queens late one night. It began earlier in the day with me buying a Bass Clarinet with money that I didn’t have. […]


A journey through the bowels of the NYC transit system would not be complete without a trip on our vaunted Bus service. The Bus system in NYC is a whole other world complete with it’s own sets and real life plays. I can quickly recall watching a driver allow a man who was so inebriated […]

Welcome to America

Continuing with my expose on just how dangerous it can be to get excessively inebriated on the Subway I would be remiss not to tell the story of a brutal take and run on a man who set himself up so bad it was painful to watch. Out in Jackson Heights, where this blog actually […]

We should rob him

When you descend below the surface in New York City, your morality may descend as well. People that want to take advantage of you meet the people who are vulnerable to be taken advantage of in this dark playground. With everybody engrossed in their phones, we are all targets. An easier mark however is the […]