Bright Momentum

Daniel Carter and I talk about many things. He’s the person who got me to start writing. I used to have a notebook of stuff that’s lost now. I was using an ancient tool called a pen that I could use to write words in ink on paper. We used to roll on the phone then. DC called me at my desk at Tower Records, where I would talk on the DL. He liked to rap about rap and in response I wrote some and even performed it a few times, once at CBGB’s Gallery on Dee Pop’s free jazz Sunday. (not for free, that joke is played) The tourists in the front row were confused, but yes, entertained. That was tricky, because in my mind at the time it was confrontational. I try to stay today on my own terms. Many trumpet players younger than me are much better at it. If I did rap, it would be something like this:


Ancient Aliens

where did they go?

I bet Sun Ra knows

why did they leave?

maybe they saw

that all we are




Cult of stupid thinks they own

what THEY stole 

maybe it’s time to bounce

Sirius calling

The ancient Egyptians left too

where did they go?

maybe they saw

the Glyphs were on the wall


As master Ribas once said,

Maybe a human being is not necessarily

a cool thing to be


Flowers grow

Flowers bloom

Humans born into

impending doom

Rain forest BURNS

MAD stunted growth

You 1% will end up

on your knees

In this life or the next

Your spiritual bill comes due

What did you do for others?

Not for yourself

Evolve or start over


Just go be a rock motherfucker


Time to stop and frisk

Moscow Mitch

Grab him by the neckfat

And shake his ass to


Adam blamed Eve

She took the hit

The original sin

Is that never ending spin

The story is the true hook

First black president

Chump vs the world

First woman pres is next

Good vs evil

Prime vs. Megatron

The Avengers vs. Thanos


Can I get a stone?


Hold that center

Hold that light


for the




I’ve got some Bright Momentum as of late. I had an incredible week with Matana Roberts. On Labor Day I’ll be playing the Fobana festival at Nassau Coliseum. I’ve never been on a Jumbotron before. I might even join KONK, a band from the early 80’s that still has some juice.


My solar return this year has Jupiter in the first House.

When I close my eyes, I see the great red spot.

The 400 MPH storm that never ends.


The winds of change blow.


Blow wind




















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